Further Reading + Education

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40 Ways to Fight Facists: Street Legal Tactics for Community Activists — 40 completely legal tactics—many of which are accessible to people from different backgrounds, skill sets, and identities—that can be used to counter and contain White Nationalist, fascist, and violent Far Right organizing in your community.

Abolition and Disability Justice Coalition — Abolition is not limited to ending spaces and practices of incarceration and policing.

Abolition for the People — A collection of essays, all of which point to the crucial conclusion that policing and prisons do not serve as catch-all solutions for the issues and people the state deems social problems.

#Defund Police ToolkitConcrete steps towards divestment from policing & investment in community safety. Also, check out THIS ACCOMPANYING VIDEO.

Geographies of Abolition — A reading list from Southern Solidarities, a group of folks supporting New Orleans’ unhoused communities.

Learn About Transformative Justice — A resource hub to learn about Transformative Justice.

Minnesota Youth Collective Zines: “Home Is” — A zine by the 2020 Artists Fellows that attempts to uplift and shed light on the voices of those dealing with houselessness in the wider Minnesota community, combining information, resources, interviews, and original art.

MPD150 — A collection of abolition-related educational resources, including things like a six-week abolition study group curriculum!

Salish Sea Black Autonomists Library — Readings on Anarchy, Black Liberation, Anti-Fascism, and more from an all black/New Afrikan network of Anarchists, Autonomists, and Anti-State Communists struggling in the Salish Sea region of the Pacific Northwest.

Sprout Distro — An enormous collection of Anarchist zines on Security, Direct Action, Organizing, and so much more.

Supporting Children — Discussing racial injustice, violence, trauma, and anti-racism.

South Asian Queer + Trans Collective Transformative Justice — A list of educational videos, articles, and toolkits focusing on healing, community accountability, and transformative justice.

Vision & Justice — The Vision & Justice Project wrestles with the question of how the foundational right of representation in a democracy, the right to be recognized justly, has historically and is still urgently tied to the work of visual representation in the public realm. 

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