Further Reading + Education

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Abolition for the People — A collection of essays, all of which point to the crucial conclusion that policing and prisons do not serve as catch-all solutions for the issues and people the state deems social problems.

#Defund Police ToolkitConcrete steps towards divestment from policing & investment in community safety. Also, check out THIS ACCOMPANYING VIDEO.

Geographies of Abolition — A reading list from Southern Solidarities, a group of folks supporting New Orleans’ unhoused communities.

Learn About Transformative Justice — A resource hub to learn about Transformative Justice.

MPD150 — A collection of abolition-related educational resources, including things like a six-week abolition study group curriculum!

Sprout Distro — An enormous collection of Anarchist zines on Security, Direct Action, Organizing, and so much more.

Supporting Children — Discussing racial injustice, violence, trauma, and anti-racism.

Transformative Justice — A list of educational videos, articles, and toolkits focusing on healing, community accountability, and transformative justice.

Vision & Justice — The Vision & Justice Project wrestles with the question of how the foundational right of representation in a democracy, the right to be recognized justly, has historically and is still urgently tied to the work of visual representation in the public realm. 

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