Mutual Aid 

We believe in mutual aid, and approach our work as a form of reciprocal care. What this means, simply put, is that we reject capitalist notions of charity and instead see our project as direct action. TCMAP supports interdependent communities who collaboratively work towards an equitable future. Our work supports networks of freely given assistance and shared resources in order to make us all stronger and safer.


We actively solicit the input and involvement of people with a range of perspectives and wisdom from many backgrounds. We succeed when we work in community with one another.


Everyone has value. We prioritize kindness and staying present with ourselves and the communities our tools support. Our culture is affirming and warm. 


We listen to the community’s expressed needs and welcome criticism, concerns, and new ideas. Recognizing we will make mistakes, we’re committed to continuous evolution. 


We respond quickly to the requests of those on the front lines. We provide not only technological assistance but human connections who hear and support them in their work.

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