Additional Mutual Aid Resources

A nowhere-close-to-comprehensive list of mutual aid resources, aimed at helping us all know more about how we can help each other.

Community support, car repairs, policing alternatives, technological help, and more.

Assistance with food insecurity, applying for EBT or SNAP, and other hunger solutions.

Articles, curriculum, printable resources, and other ways to educate yourself and others about mutual aid, police abolition, anti-racism, etc.

Free masks + other PPE, pregnancy tests, poison control, NARCAN, etc.

Housing support, rental assistance, energy assistance, free legal aid, etc.

Free legal aid, counsel, help with landlords, crisis resources, etc.

Crisis support + counseling, sexual violence centers, substance abuse, etc.

K-12 tutoring, technological assistance, distance education resources, etc.

Translation + interpretation, information about the city, etc.

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